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We are proud to announce our newest venture.. Formula Ink Tattoo. We are proud to have some of south Florida’s best Custom artists under one roof..


Each artist at Formula InK charges an hourly rate for custom work OR will give you a flat price if that’s what the design calls for. The rate is different for each artist, so check with them before setting an appointment.



All tattoos and drawings requiring an appointment also require a deposit. Deposits also vary from artist to artist. Deposits come off the last sitting of any tattoo, and hold your appointments for the duration of tattoos requiring multiple sittings.



While we do offer walk-in artists, you will need a consultation before getting tattooed by some of our more established artists at Formula InK. The reason we do this is to get a better feel of where you want the tattoo, what you are getting tattooed and why you are getting your tattoo. Some things can be worked out online for out of town clients, but the more personal attention we can give your idea, the better we can execute the design.



Call the shop phone (954 530-7041) to get the current times the shop is open for walk-ins or to get the direct phone number of the artist you are looking for. The times will change as the size of the staff changes.



The artists Formula Ink do NOT tattoo anyone under the age of 18. In our collective experience, tattooing minors, even with parental consent, causes more problems than it cures. If you are under 18 and are serious about your work than you will wait to get the best tattoo you can get. And if not, we will be here when you turn 18 to do your cover up.



Don’t start a sleeve or back piece unless you have
(A) put down a large down payment (say $1000-2000) AND/OR
(B) have planned out realistically how you are going to pay for the tattoo like a bill every month so that you don’t fizzle out in the middle of a project. It’s really hard for an artist to be excited about completing a half-finished back piece or sleeve that they haven’t touched in two years because of your poor planning.

Formula Ink  -  1218 NE 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304  -  954.530.7041

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